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Contributor III

Losing data when exporting to export


Today one of our users discovered an issue with exporting to excel from Qlik Sense Cloud. We have a sales table that compares current year sales, costs, margin etc. vs the previous year. Exporting to excel with no filters works as expected but today they wanted to filter out one customer and the result on screen was as expected but when this was exported to excel, data was missing from the previous year.

Looking into this further, I have found that when the data is exported, any customers that have zero sales in the current year are not in the exported file even though there are sales in the prior year. The image shows what we see on screen and once exported the £96.00 & £102.00 amounts for 2019 will get removed as there is no 2020 sales.


Is this a error in the report design or a Qlik issue? I suspect a Qlik issue as I do not know of any excel export settings or adjustments that can affect downloads. My understanding is that what you see on screen should be the result in excel.


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just you have to change % of margin formula like below


it will replace - as 0, so it may help to full data,



G'day @Ken_Hardwick,

From your description, it does seem like it could be an issue with Qlik SaaS. To test this, you could export your app down to the desktop and try the same thing in Qlik Sense Desktop.

I'm sure will be a work-around for this. Is there any set analysis in these column expressions? My suspicion is that your natural filter is excluding the clients with zero values for the current year, but the set analysis is including these clients in the table but the export is not picking that up.

To test this, try adding a column that has a value for customers even when they zero for Sales2020.



Barnaby Dunn
BI Consultant