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Loss of the Data Load Editor and the Edit Button

I had alter a security rule for a Developer rule and the create button and edit button has disappeared from a stream when a user has a read and update rights to a publish stream.  The Data Load Editor shows up in the work area, but not in the stream where they have the ability to create and update the app.  I made the mistake of the deleting the original when Developers keep altering the data connections.  I would appreciate if anyone could help me with this endeavor and I am willing to pay it forward.

Here is my rule for Developers

Action Create, Read, Update, Export Data, Duplicate, Approve

!user.IsAnonymous () and (user.roles="Developer" or user.@UsersTypes="Developer")

Create App  (App*)

Create, Read, Update


!user.IsAnonymous () and (user.roles="Developer" or user.@UsersTypes="Developer")

Create App_Object (App Object_*)

Action Creae, Read, Update

resource.app.HasPrivilege("read") and !user.ISAnonmyous() and (user.@usertype="Contributor" or user.@usertype="Contributor")

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I will move this to the QlikSense boards