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Creator II
Creator II

Merging Monitoring Logs - New Server


We have recently created a new QlikSense Environment on a new server.  This new installation has naturally created a new starting point for our Monitoring Logs.  Is there a way we can import our previous monitoring logs from our old server across and 'append these' to the new logs.

Many thanks


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Hi @prees959 

The best bet will be to create a QVD of the logs from the old server and then append these to the end of the logs from the new server using CONCATENATE.

These posts on QVDs and Incremental Load may be helpful.

Good luck!




You can just grab the folder from your service cluster's archived logs folder (example: \\server\share\archivedlogs\myserver.company.com\) and place it into the new archived logs folder for the new cluster:


It isn't doing validation of what nodes are a part of the current site or cluster, it just is blindly looping over the folders.

Do keep in mind that this merge will matter for a little while for a few of the bundled apps, but over time this likely won't matter:

AppDefault time
Operations Monitor3 months
License Monitor12 months
Log Monitor7 days
Sessions Monitor12 months
Reloads Monitor12 months