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Minimum disk for Geoanalytis server

Hi everyone,

I've seen that the requirements for Qlik Geonalytics server installation are as follows:


Qlik Geoanalytics requirements.png


I do not really understand the difference between case 2 and case 3 (what does "routing" mean?). I think my case is number 3 since we have an enterprise Qlik Sense server and we want to install Enterprise Qlik Geoanalytics server. 

So, if we are in case 3, do we need a 500gb disk mandatory or can we give less GB? 300GB for example?

Thank you for your help.

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I guess the difference has to do with if you run all the geo mapping data locally or out of Qliks servers.
Running it locally would need more space and memory while running it of Qliks servers needs internet access which could induce lagg.