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Creator II
Creator II

Monitoring Apps Doesn't Load Archived Logs


We have a qlik sense sense server which has only one central node. When i reload the monitoring apps, it doesn't reload from archived logs. There are log files under archived logs folder from 2018 September but i can't see any data before 2019 August in Qlik App.

Here is the log folders connection strings;

ArchivedLogsFolder : '\\<FQDN>\<Shared>\ArchivedLogs'
ServerLogFolder: 'C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Log\'

There is one more folder inside the ArchivedLogsFolder which is named as fqdn. You can check the screenshot below.


And there is one more folder inside the ArchivedLogs folder;



So my question is, if i change the ArchivedLogsFolder connection to '\\<FQDN>\<Shared>\ArchivedLogs\fqdn' it checks for node configuration(multi, single) and because there are more than 1 folder, it behaves like a multi-node configuration.

Is this causes to not load archived logs? If it's not then what should be the problem i am facing?

Thanks in advance.

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Partner - Creator III
Partner - Creator III


Have a look at the KB article below:

Had a similar issue, and removing the old qvd files resolved.