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Contributor II
Contributor II

Moving Apps, Tasks and Tags from one Qlik Sense Site to another

Hello Everyone,

Due to some technical reasons we are currently setting up a second Qlik Site. We want to migrate about two thirds of our Apps to the new Site – including Tasks and Tags if possible.

So far we only were successful migrating Apps. But when doing so, the ownership of all AppObjects was transferred to the User doing the import and all were set to “Not Approved” and “Not Published”

So all configuration would have to be done manually. For Tasks and Tags there is no Transfer Mechanism at all, as far as I know. So they need to be created by scratch.

Does anyone have an Idea on how to do this more efficiently?

Kind Regards,


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  • Is this a 1 time transfer?
  • What version?
Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Levi,

  • I definitely hope this will be a on time transfer.
  • And we have November 2017 Patch 1 installed on both systems, as well as the QMC Utillities

This will scope to Qlik Sense September 2017 and November 2017 and is a full migration of server x to server y. Obviously if server y existed beforehand, it will wipe all content from server y.

On original server

  • In QMC, go to Certificates section and export new certificates using the FQDN of the new server.
    • Be sure to include the Private key
    • We need the certificates to be in the Windows format
  • Record the UNC root path specified in the Service Cluster section in the QMC
  • Stop all services except for the Qlik Sense Repository Database
  • Create a new folder for the backup, e.g. C:\backup
  • Open MMC and Export the Trusted Root Certificate used by Qlik Sense from the Local Computer / Computer Account snap-in. And place it into the backup folder
    • Be sure to include the Private key
  • Take a backup of the database (relevant help link)
    • Sample command: "C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository\PostgreSQL\9.6\bin\pg_dump.exe" -h localhost -p 4432 -U postgres -b -F t -f "c:\backup\QSR_backup.tar" QSR
  • Copy all subfolders in the UNC root specified in the Service Cluster Section in the QMC to the backup folder
  • Copy the Server certificate from the Exported Certificates folder to the backup folder (default: C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Repository\Exported Certificates)
  • Optional:
    • Zip the Backup folder for ease of transfer

New Server

  • Install Qlik Sense of the same version
  • During the installation process uncheck the check box to start services after installation. We will want to do extra configuration before Qlik Sense initializes
  • Transfer the backup from the old server to local disk on the new server
  • While the installer is working:
    • Import the Trusted Root and Server certificate into the Local Computer / Computer Account snap-in section in their appropriate areas:
      • Server > Personal
      • Trusted Root > Trusted Root Certification Authorities
        • Ensure that you mark the certificates as exportable
  • Once the installation has finished, start the Qlik Sense Repository Database
  • Restore the backed up copy of the database
    • Sample command: "C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository\PostgreSQL\9.6\bin\pg_restore.exe" -h localhost -p 4432 -U postgres -d QSR "c:\backup\QSR_backup.tar"
  • If using a different share path for the Qlik Sense content
    • Copy all subfolders from the UNC root specified in the Service Cluster Section in the QMC on the old server into a newly configured UNC path for the new server
    • Open QlikSenseUtil
      • Default path C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\Repository\Util\QlikSenseUtil\QlikSenseUtil.exe
    • Click Connect to database
    • Enter superuser credentials
    • Click OK
    • Go to the Service cluster section
    • Click OK to get the current values
    • Make the appropriate edits
    • Click Save
    • To validate that the changes have been recorded:
      • Click Clear
      • Click OK
  • To launch Qlik Sense with the new hostname:
    • Open cmd.exe with administrative rights
    • Change the directory to the Repository install path
      • Default path C:\"Program Files"\Qlik\Sense\Repository
    • Execute the following command: Repository.exe  -bootstrap -standalone -restorehostname
  • Allow the Repository.exe to run for a while
    • Key log elements in C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Log\Repository\Trace\ > System_Repository
      • Since no other services are running, a successful result from this restore command is the Repository to fully initialize but be unable to connect to the other services
  • End the Repository.exe process in Task Manager
  • Start all Qlik Sense services
  • Access the QMC and/or Hub to confirm that all previous working functionality is present
Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Tried moving a Sense April 2018 server using this method and it failed!
Getting ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED when trying to access QMC & Hub.
All services running, logs gave no clue, repository log just stopped early one and nothing happened, no error logged.

Contacted support who were very helpful.

The command: Repository.exe  -bootstrap -standalone -restorehostname was the problem.
It had actually failed to update two tables in repository database.
LocalConfigs.HostName and ServerNodeConfiguration.HostName both pointed to the old server name.
Changing these fields to the new servers FQDN and restarting all services QMC & Hub came online!