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Multi-Node Deployment across domains

Hi there, I'm fairly new to multi-node deployment and, as a consequence, I need your help.

In my mind, my system will look like this:

  • Central node
    • all Qlik Sense services running
    • the server is part of the company domain
    • a local administrator user runs the services
  • RIM node
    • Scheduler service only
    • server part of a different domain (the machine is actually hosted by a cloud provider)
    • a local administrator user runs the service

File share will be accessible from both local administrators and a third "super" company domain user (let's call it DOM\qlik). In particular, the RIM node's one will be using DOM\qlik credentials to see the file share.

The goal is to make the RIM node run all the ETL01 (data extractors) and save the resulting qvds to the central node (this bit already works) to feed DWH, datamodels and apps. The point is that the RIM node is closer to the ERP (which is cloud hosted too) and, therefore, queries run with better performance. Off course the network must be very good (and actually it is).

Is this architecture feasible?


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Hello ,

The servers need exist in the same domain. Perhaps you could extend your domain into the cloud environment.