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Not able to duplicate own apps with Load Balancing

Hi Folks,

we have a problem in a clustered enviroment:

Users are not able to duplicate their own apps in the hub in their own workspace.
They get this error:
2020-08-20 11_39_00-DELIN-QlikView-DEV - Remote Desktop Connection - __Remote.png

The cluster is with a central node and 2 rim nodes (PRD and DEV).
All node purposes are on "both".
The virtual proxy of the central node has the rim node engines for load balancing.

All published Apps should be run on the PRD node and unpublished apps should be run on the DEV node.
The Load Balancing rules are as follows:

Load Balancing RulesLoad Balancing Rules

Qlik Support told me this:

1. The engine used to duplicate the app doesn't have "permissions" to create the app in "my work"
2. When you try to duplicate the app in the stream, it will use the engine on the PROD node, but that engine is not able to create the app in "My work" as per LB rules
​3. Only the engine on DEV node is allowed to do that with those LB rules
​4. You can create an app because create an app will use the engine on the DEV node.
5. When you duplicate, it can only use 1 engine to do the whole process, and the PROD engine doesn't have rights to create apps in my work

So, ok now I know what is causing the problem but I still do not have a solution.
Unfortunately they could not help me further, so I am trying my luck here 🙂

Does anybody have an idea?

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Contributor III
Contributor III

i too have this issue. 

when you enable the rule ResourcesOnNonCentralNodes you can duplicate the apps but the load balancing will not work.

received recommendation from qlik that we should have different URLs for load balancing to work. I am yet to see any documents around this.

If you come across any useful information, please do share?


Same oh my goodness I just stumble upon this thread and this explains a lot of the headaches i've gone through for past few weeks. 


Hi Jan,

So right now your DEV node can open every app on the cluster, right? Thats why you are able to duplicate the app.

We are facing the same issue but on a 5 nodes cluster, and if we set 1 node to open every app that node will probably crash, so not sure how to adapt your workarround.

Any ideas?