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Problem executing reload tasks with no internet connection


We have a problem in a Qlik Sense Enterprise enviroment with no internet connection. Some of the monitoring app reload tasks and other reload tasks using postgresql connection fails with this error:

Error: Connection aborted (System error: The handle is invalid.)

After some research we found that some Qlik Sense drivers need to be validated online.

If we configure the server to use a proxy for the internet connection, the reload tasks work but still failing sometimes (we think because the proxy dont work sometimes)

Is there any way to configure Qlik Sense to work right without an internet connection? Is there a way to make reloads tasks work without an internet connection?

Thank you and greetings from Spain.

Daniel Villoldo

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Hi @dvilloldo 

Have you tried this?

An error occurred / Failed to load connection error message in Qlik Sense - Server Has No Internet


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Hello Daniel,

Did you find a solution for this?

We have installed Qlik Sense at a customer for a POC, and the server has no internet connection as well. After the installation we seem to mis most of the connectors and opening the script editor taks a very long time. The chance that we get internetconnection on this server is close to 0.

How can we get this Qlik Sense install "running"?


Kind regards,

Roel van de Ven


Hi Roel,

I asked the customer to apply the configuration changes proposed by NadiaG but still waiting for approval.

If I have any news about it I will report to you here.