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Problem with Apps and Extensions


Qlik Sense version 3.2

Qlik nodes: Central node, separated Engine nodes and Proxy node

Installation type: Shared persistence

Problem: I don't have default monitoring Apps, I can't import them or any other apps. I'm also unable to import Extensions. Error that I get says: "Failed to import extensions. Please check the log files" (Similar one for apps). It happens on both Central node and proxy node. It's fresh installation.

I logs I can find something like this:

Command=Import app;Result=403;ResultText=Error: Forbidden  License Monitor    Engine    Not available

And in other logs I can find similar 403 errors for both Apps and Extensions.

Second type of error in other logs in same time is:

Command=Import app;Result=500;ResultText=Error: Server License Monitor    Repository    ManagementAccess    /qrs/app/upload    Import app    500     Forbidden [403]:Forbidden() (HTTP code: 500)

Have anybody met similar problem?

2 Replies
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Hi Pawel

I´m facing the same issue. Did you found a solution ?



Creator II
Creator II

Hi Pawel,

Do you have enough space your server, check this link:Failed to import app | Qlik Community

Please let me know if that works

Best regards!