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Contributor II
Contributor II

Publish App To Stream Only Allowed When Same Custom Property

Hi all,


i need help with the setup of a Security Rule. I have the Custom Property 'Environment' with the Values 'DEV' and 'PROD'. Furthermore i have a Stream called 'Dev'. Now i need a rule that prevent the publication of an App to this Stream when the App does not have the Environment 'DEV'.

The Stream 'Dev' got the Environment Property 'DEV' as well.


I really have no clue how to set the rule. Can someone help me?

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Security Rules are inclusive by design, so what you're looking for isn't possible. There are probably other ways to configure what you want though; just think of the problem in an inclusive instead of exclusive way.



Contributor II
Contributor II

Thanks for this information.

Nevertheless, in order to solve my problem i use the manuel from How to access QRS Repository from Load Script and read the custom properties of my app and the app's corresponding stream and compare them.

At least this will let a task execution fail and i can write a log message for hints.