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Contributor II
Contributor II

QMC Publish Own App Only


I'm trying to create a dev environment, where by those who create an app can publish, change owner, apply a custom property.

It would also be good to allow them to duplicate and if possible to import, via the qmc.

I've applied the security rule which restricts what the user can see in the QMC. Fine.

I've also applied the following rule below, based on Sense help and community notes, to allow the user to publish their own app, app objects and create tasks relating to these.

user.userid != ""


((resource.resourcetype="Stream" or resource.resourcetype="CustomProperty" or resource.resourcetype="User") or (resource.resourcetype="App" and user.name=resource.app.owner.name and resource.app.IsOwned()) or

(resource.resourcetype="App.Object" and resource.objectType="sheet" and user.name=resource.app.owner.name) or (resource.resourcetype="App.Object" and resource.objectType="story" and user.name=resource.app.owner.name)) or ((resource.resourcetype="ReloadTask" and user.name=resource.app.owner.name or resource.app.owner.name =""))

The issue I have is though I can change the owner, or apply the custom property value, when I try to apply the changes I get an error.

Trying to change the owner, it errors with not enough permission, and applying a custom property value, The UpdateSelectionBySynthetic operation failed.

The duplicate and import options are unavailable.

I assume this is possible, it feels like it should be, so If someone could advise, give me a steer that would be appreciated.


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Hi Phil,

Did you manage to solve this issue? If yes, do let me know what was the resolution?