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Contributor III
Contributor III

QRS not starting after QSE installation

Hi Guys, QRS has  not started after QSE installation – PostgreSQL issue? I don't know..

Before I give you more hints, two major findings from Log files and Event Manager:

  1. An exception was thrown while invoking the constructor 'Void .ctor()' on type 'DatabaseContext'. ---> Value cannot be null.↵↓Parameter name: entitySet (See inner exception for details.) (See inner exception for details.) - more in attached DOC.
  2. Screenshot from Event Managerqrs1.jpg


  1. Windows Server 2016 Standard
  2. User in Admin group
  3. .NET – 4.5.2
  4. Ports checked
  5. No antivirus
  6. QS April 2020 ( February 2020 checked as well)
  7. I don’t use Centralized Logging

Step by Step:

  1. An installation process went smoothly.
  2. At the end QMC has not started
  3. QRS service has not started as the only one. When started manually it stops after in ~ 30 seconds
  4. Naturally, neither QMC nor HUB doesn’t work
  5. Full repository log attached in DOCX
  6. One more: QlikShare folder do not include subfolders for Apps, content, etc. – as I remember they should be there.

I read other related threads but I have not found  anything like this.

ex-Training Manager at Qlik Central-Eastern Europe
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Qlik Sense Repository Database should run as Local System.
Qlik Sense Repository Service should run as your named administrator.
Your screenshot shows the opposite user details. 

Also make sure that the user running Qlik Sense Repository service has read/write access to the file share, if there are no files generated in your share. 


Hi ,

Did you manage to resolve this? if yes how please share, I am facing same issue.


Thanks in advance

Prateek Kamra