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Creator II
Creator II

Qlik Enterprise Operations - "How To" setup VS Code and JIRA/Bitbucket sychronisation in 10-minutes

Hello everyone,

Please find attached a practical video with a (hands-on) "How To" fully integrate MS Visual Studio Code with JIRA and Bitbu... in order to enable work on changes with a team of Qlik developers in a large operartional environment.

This video and description also includes a scripting technique to completely externalise all Qlik scripts whilst only keeping one common line of code inside all the QVFs (or QVWs). Since you will name the QVF (or QVW) the same as the QVS you want to launch, the script will find its corresponding script in the underlying library/folders of QVSs.

This kind of setup allows:
- Multiple developers to contribute to the same script simultaneously (via code merging).
- Allow to easily view cross-script dependencies and find field origins across multiple scripts that pan your whole ETL.
- Allow easier large scale code changes.
- Fully integrate script changes and link development (Sprint) work directly to JIRA tickets and update the tickets via JIRA smart commits.
- Create a REPO and versioning allowing for quick and easy rollback and view over code changes.
- Create JIRA tickets directly from scripts, referencing the places in the script where the work should be conducted (ideal for optimisation and refactoring).

Please leave your comments and critiques, share your thoughts and also your own experience of this type of integration, as I am also in the learning process of this type of deployment.


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