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Partner - Creator

Qlik Fort - RAM capacity for run apps over 5 Gb

Hi all,

What is the RAM limit for applications running on Qlik Fort?

In Qlik Sense E. SaaS you can open apps that are 5 GB or less in-memory, is this still the RAM limit for applications in Fort spaces?

Example: If an organization has an instance in Qlik Cloud (enterprise) + Qlik Sense  on-premise (client managed) in which they have multiple apss that weigh more than 5 Gb of RAM, can these be run with Qlik Fort?

Thanks in advance,


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There is no 5gb limit in Forts.  If you provision sufficient ram you should be able to open much larger apps.

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Thanks @Leigh_Kennedy 


For example, a company has 1 Tenant in the US (Qlik Cloud) and also has an on-premises instance in Australia (windows server with 256 Gb RAM). In the on-premise installation (Australia) there is an app that consumes 64 Gb RAM. The company installs Fort in both instances. The 64Gb RAM App could be able to be accessed by users through Fort? or should you add "dedicated space" to the Qlik Cloud instance?


Thanks !