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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Qlik Forts - Questions on reload history, RAM consumption and Horizontal scalability

Hi all,

We have been working on testing Qlik Forts for a while, and some questions here to see if I can get any answers from the experts.

Qlik Cloud 

1. Reload History
It seems that reload history is not available for a Fort's app, regardless of successful reload or not.
Is it because of the security concerns that Qlik Cloud cannot retrieve relative data from a Fort?
If so, does it mean that we have to get the log from the server which hosts the Fort?




2. RAM requirement for a Fort
We are using the min. requirement for a Fort (i.e. 32GB RAM), and the app is running and reloading fine when the in memory app size is ~9GB.
But starting from 10GB, the reload fails with the Fort disconnects (mostly because of RAM consumption is too high).

(i) Does the logic of  "an app on disk is typically 4-6 times bigger in memory" (ref) still apply to the app in Fort?
(ii) How much memory is consumed in a Fort for running the Qlik SaaS?


3. Horizontal scalability
I know that horizontal scalability is not currently available in Qlik Fort, but I still want to get clear on the concept.

From Qlik Help page, it said that the idea is "The ability to use more than one fort to add capacity to a selection of spaces" - what does it mean exactly?

Let say we have a fort (A), and with 2 fort spaces (Space A1 & A2).
If I have a large app in fort space A1, with horizontal scalability, does it mean that the resources for space A2 can be assigned to A1 temporarily to run the large app?

Correct me if I get the wrong idea, and appreciate if a more comprehensive scenario is provided.




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