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Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlik SaaS design flaw for Managed Spaces!

It is frustrating that we can not I export OR duplicate an app  that is published in the managed space

  • I am aware that it is possible to do so using Qlik CLI but that is not 'Self-serve' friendly !
  • It will make so much sense at least if the Admin can export or duplicate it form the hub or console.


When you have a team of multiple developers and business departments. It is a nightmare and waste of time to keep physical copies in local folders or git-hubs..

How do you even explain this OR train on this workflow to none-technical / business power users when they build 'Self-serve' applications?

  • We have a few none-technical / business power users who builds simple dashboards and publishes them. But they also loves to frequently enhance and update their dashboards.
  • We have had this situation in the past, when they published apps to manages space and then deleted it from their personal and shared spaces to keep their workspaces clean and up-tp-date. Now when the time comes to do enhancements we end up getting service tickets to retrieve their copies.

How is it a 'Self-serve' model?


Has any other Admins and Architects faced this situation? If yes, then how do you tackle it

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Hi @lwp89 ,

the best way to request a design improvement is to go through the ideation portal.
As you said, there is indeed a CLI solution, so that makes it possible for admins to recover the app, but any improvement suggestion is very welcome.

Daniele - Principal Technical Support Engineer & SaaS Support Coordinator at Qlik
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