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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Qlik Sense Certificate Installation (.cer .p7b)

We received .cer and .p7b format certificate files from our security team along with a file containing the key.  The key format is as follows

security ...

How can we convert this to pfx and then install the certificate on the server and thumbprint in Qlik Sense.

I tried using openssl but it is giving errors

Will appreciate if someone can assist.




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This is not really a Sense question, suggest Googling for a solution. This came back when I tried:

It may be that MS Pvk2Pfx.exe may be what you need?

Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Dear Steve,

Thanks a lot for your response. 

We created csr from our server and the Security team provided us .cer and .p7b files.  We got to know that there is no private key and the key i mentioned above is from some where else not related.

As per this we need a certificate which has the private key and it seems that only pfx has a private key.

So we now have to ask the customer to provide us the pfx or provide us a key which we can combine with .cer or .p7b and create .pfx

Thanks for the URL which you sent it was helpful as it has commands on how to create certain certificate types.

Thanks again.