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Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlik Sense Enterprise road map: Windows to Linux?

Qlik Sense Server is a great product and my clients are starting to believe in the potential of open standards.

The most interesting opportunity for my clients is to start with Big Data processing and report visualization using directly the cloud.

Amazon Redshift, EC2, S3, Machine Learning and soon Athena, and the Glue will send all the other solutions in the middle age, and the cost of all this is 70-80% less than any on-premise infrastructure.

But, there is one big issue: the deep feeling of frustration installing Qlik Sense on a Windows Server.

For me, it's a flashback: it's probably 10 years that I don't use any Windows server anymore and I manage about hundred of servers in Enterprise environment.

The humiliation is using Windows Authenticator (a total failure on non-Microsoft Browsers: white page, no login, refresh to login) and creating the local users on the Windows machine(why?), dragging ugly windows on a remote desktop connection. Using a local Domain with Active Directory when the final users connect with Android, iOS, Chrome OS on large tablet with a pencil. Trying to download Qlik sense from qlik.com using Explorer with security patch! I wanna cry! (ops)

Let's try to imagine the other way:

ssh qlik.mydomain.com

yum install qliksense


http://localhost and then configure internal users/password as a simple solution, before any other authentication or access management solution.

mto citation: Qlik Sense is born to embrace open standard! Great!

So, why Windows? Not Open, not even anymore a standard for Servers on the Internet.

Usage share of operating systems - Wikipedia

I want to believe that is just a matter of time.


Any plan for Linux migration?

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Unfortunately, I chose to move out from ForgeRock. In fact, ForgeRock made a bold move against the community open-source version of OpenAM and OpenDJ. They close the trunk of the open-source and they even deleted a couple of last versions of the community release. Unexpected and unbelievable.

You can find some history here. http://www.timeforafork.com/

Btw, I worked for a while with an Active Directory, but it's a crappy technology of twenty years ago, expensive, unstable and once configured AD slows down everything.

So, finally, I'm betting on: Keycloak. It's sponsored by Red Hat, forever open-source.

Keycloak can be also installed as a cluster on AWS with Docker. Working on it in these days.

Have you ever heard about Keycloak? How many users you have?



Hi, how did you implement Keycloak+Qlik Sense? via SAML? Can you please give more details about this set up?

Really appreciate it!



Contributor II
Contributor II



another qlik sense user eagerly waiting for linux compatibility here 🙂

Are there any news if/when we can expect something in this direction?



According to Qlik's Statement of Direction for this year, a linux port already exists and will be released for Qlik Sense this year:


Scroll to page 18 to see what I'm talking about.

This is excellent news! I've been waiting to hear this since I first started using QlikView 10 years ago.

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Vicio,

I'm also wondering if Qlik Sense is available on Linux due mainly to the fact that as I understand it, we have to buy a Microsoft CAL for every Qlik User regardless of the authentication method. So that' about £70 GBP per user per year. Another strong reason too migrate to Linux!


Champion III
Champion III

Have a look at qlik-core-beta which runs in Linux - albeit early days & beta