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Qlik Sense Multi-nodes site guidance

Hi all,

I want to have a multi-node site. The demand is as follow:

1) One server for administration, QMC, handling autorisations, doing reloads, etc.

2) A second server to just CONSUME and Develop new Apps; the users will only have access to the HUB within this server.

What should I do? How should I proceed?

Will the first server be a master one? What should it have as services?

What services should exist in the second one? to only consume and develop apps? (the apps should be reloaded in the first server)

I hope my question is clear enough.

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I suggest you to have a light master node (on the master node by default runs all services) and size the RIM node based on your actual needs. If you need RIM node just consume apps, you want to install the Engine layer on it (optionally you can also add the proxy if you want to differentiate the ipaddress between admins and users access).

As configuration you need to create a sync rule to allow apps runs only on RIM node.

Then you need to consider where run the reload tasks. If overnight you can use the same RIM node, otherwise consider to use the Master node


Thanks Vicenzo !

Can you tell me how to create a sync rule to allow apps run only on RIM node?

and how to use only the Master node for reload tasks?

And if I fully understand, the Rim node should only have an Engine service + (proxy which is optional?)

Thank you very much,

I'm really in need of guidance and couldn't find anyone in the community to help..


Hi Vicenzo, can you take a look at this?

Multi-Node site, can't access to the HUB in the RIM node


For the sync rule have a look here Configuring sync rules ‒ Qlik Sense. An alternative to the sync rule (maybe better) is to put the Proxy service on both (Master node and RIM node) each proxy need to point to the local engine only (do not balance on both engines) this assure you all people which access through the RIM proxy will use RIM engine, so apps will be loaded only on that Engine.


Hi Vicenzo,

My central node runs all services

My RIM node runs only repository, engine and proxy services

I allowed http connexion in both proxies

the hostname of the Rim node is

Now, if I do as you said:

load balance Central node with Central

Load balance Rim node with Rim node


and now, try to access to the HUB in my rim node:

here is what Il have:


Now if for the Central node, I do the load balancing with Central Node

And for the RIM node I also do the load balancing with the Central Node:

I can access to the HUB and see the streams and apps, but when I try to open an app, this happens:



Any idea on what I am doing wrng?


Another thing; my  nodes are Virtual Machines,


There is apparently a problem with the RIM Engine service, the configuration you made seems correct. Virtual Machines are supported, so I do not expect problems come from there. Be sure port 4748 (Engine comunication) on RIM node is open


jog‌ can you please assist on this?


I'm sorry Omar, I really can't. I suggest contacting the closest Qlik office, resellers or Qlik Partner eventually try to open a ticket to Qlik support