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Qlik Sense Security integration - Security Rules and Section Access

I noticed that since Qlik Sense April 2018 version we have for a sheet the possibility to use a so-called "Title expression", to set-up the title dynamically based on an expression.

This is very nice.

I would like to use this dynamic title in the security rules.

For example, we now have a rule with the following condition.

resource.name like "*@Helpdesk*" and user.roles = "Helpdesk".

This rule says that if the name of a resource (a sheet in our case), has a certain pattern in the name (title) and the user has a specific role, then the rule is triggered or not.

I want to change the rule to refer to the title expression(the evaluated expression) of the sheet instead of the title.

This will give me more flexibility as the title expression is determined dynamically based on some content of the sheet.

So, in the end, I want a user to be restricted on a sheet based on the content of the sheet.

Could you guys give some hints on how I can achieve this?

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An examination of this article may help with your goal: