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Qlik Sense Server Installation Issue


We are setting up a multi node Qlik Sense Server. Qlik sense is installed in 3 servers. One server is Central Node another one is Engine Node and the third is Proxy Node. The engine and central nodes are in servers in the same domain whereas the proxy node is in a different domain which acts as the web server.

We are able to make the connection between the central node and the engine node but not able to connect the central node and the proxy node and get the following error when we try to do so " Node Registration failed: Cannot reach the remote host when distributing certificates". All the required ports are open between the Proxy node server and the central node server.

We have followed the attached document to install the multi node qlik sense server.

Please help us to figure what might be causing this issue.

Thank You

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Contributor II
Contributor II

I got the issue resolved by uninstall and install the version 2.2.4.

not sure what was the issue with old version but got it resolved with latest one.

Thanks for all your help.




As my case, i will try to telnet from central node server to the rim node server. and it failed. connection failed/ or we called it blocked.

So.. what can i suggest to the network team. the network team said both servers are on the same network segment, and ports are all opened.

any other ways to justify to the network team?