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Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Qlik Sense Server Maintenance and Monitoring Best Practices - Logs


I would like to know if there's some documentation about best practices regarding Qlik Sense log maintenance and configuration. How we best can configure the logging levels so we get the necessary information for troubleshooting and error finding, and at the same time avoid a huge amount of log files and hereby the disk space on the server for keeping the log files.

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Former Employee
Former Employee

As far as I know there is no exact documentation for this. As the best practice, I would suggest you to keep log level to default unless Qlik Support ask your to turn it to debug level for trouble shooting purpose. Talking about log, Qlik Sense has "Centralized logging" feature as well. When the feature is enabled, logs will be written into DB apart from physically generated into disks. Unless you have particular needs,  you don't need to enable it, as it may add traffic to DB as well as adding DB maintenance work for you. Logs will be generated into disks no matter "Centralized logging" feature is enabled or not.

Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Thank you for your reply.