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Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Qlik Sense repository Service always down

Hi to all,

We have an issue since yesterday, in particular The Qlik Sense repository Service is down, and when you try to restart it, it became down again. In the logs we have the following error message:

Fatal exception during startup at Repository.Core.Certificates.DiskCertificateStore.ThrowIfMachineNameFails(String exportPath, String[] machineNames)↵↓ at Repository.Core.Certificates.DiskCertificateStore.StoreCertificates(CertificateExportParameters certificateExportParameters, String overrideCertificateFolder, Boolean issueCertificate)↵↓ at Repository.Core.Bootstrap.RepositoryBootstrapper.Install(BootstrapState bootstrapState)↵↓ at Repository.Core.Bootstrap.BootstrapHandler.Install(BootstrapState bootstrapState)↵↓ at Repository.Core.Bootstrap.BootstrapHandler.Bootstrap(BootstrapState bootstrapState)↵↓ at Repository.QRSMain.Bootstrap()↵↓ at Repository.QRSMain.Main()↵↓ at Repository.QRSMain.Run(String[] args, Action`1 terminate).

Does anyone have any idea and can help us?

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Hello ,

I would review the following links in order that I provided them. Leaving the recreation of the certificates for last. Were there any changes prior to this issue?

Article links:

1. Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows: Repository error Fatal exception during startup Attempted to perform an unauthorized operation

2. Qlik Sense Folder And Files To Exclude From Anti-Virus Scanning

3. How to recreate or just delete certificates in Qlik Sense - No access to QMC or Hub
Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Hi Ray,

The certificates are ok and there aren't antivirus that lock files. We think that it's not a certificate problem, but the repository service can't store the right certificates in .LocalCertificates. This machine is switch on every day at 7:30AM , but as you can see in the attached image, the last store of local certificate is at 12 July. In fact after this date, we have the problem. We think that something is related about this problem of storing local certificate, because we saw that all certificates are ok.