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Qlik Sense to Postgre SQL(Standalone) connection in Multi node Windows environment

Hi All,

Is there a way to check Qlik Sense to Postgre SQL Connection from each of the Qlik Sense nodes in multi node environment.
Qlik Sense (Enterprise) is installed in Windows servers and the repository DB is standalone Postgre SQL server. 





Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows 

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Contributor II


If you mean in the Load editor, you will have a QLogs connection set up that links to your QLogs DB as part of your external Postgres install. We have a multi node like yourself.

So, for the other DB in the Postgres cluster you could look at using some of the monitoring APi connections set up or create a new Postgres connection with the name of the db or a new connection for each if you wanted to query all 5 i think it is.

They will need the account set up to read them or possibly one set up via PGAdmin by your administrator for such purposes as you won't want to really use the service account you used to set up for security to query each db. Your better off with a read only account like Qlogs_reader for each db. Hope this helps


Thanks @QlikMaster1 . No, i am not looking for the connection from data load editor. Its more of a communication status check between Qlik Sense nodes and the repository DB.

In search i found one of the good knowledge base articles . Running below Query from QSR DB gives DB listeners details of the platform.

select cast(count(client_addr) as text), 'Total Listeners' as "query" from pg_catalog.pg_stat_activity where "query" like 'LISTEN%Entity%'
union select cast(count("ID") as text), 'Total Nodes' from public."ServerNodeConfigurations" snc
union select cast(client_addr as text), "query" from pg_catalog.pg_stat_activity where "query" like 'LISTEN%Entity%'
order by "query";