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Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlik cant reach repository database, postgreSQL cant start

We had a problem that LOG file did fill up all the space on HD and Server chrashed, that caused fatal error in PostgreSQL. 
And we cant start repository database service. When i try to start postgreSQL manually i posgtreSQL said "

FATAL: the database system is starting up.

I can´t reach qmc or hub without running repository DB. What i can do ? Can i backup and reinstall postgreSQL ? Or do i need to reinstall whole Qlik sense ? and if so what souhld i do ? 
Back up applications - from shared folder
Back up certificates - this will backup all the connectors right ?

Back up licence ? - is there a way how to backup licence when i cant reach qmc ?

Thanks in advance, for any ideas


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I don't know which version are you currently running, but this article may help.

Best regards