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Qlik cloud scheduler reload with section access


I have an app in Qlik cloud using scheduler reload with section access to refresh the dashboard in daily basis. However, the owner of the app is going to leave the company, i found that once we remove the owner from the section access list, the reload will be failed. So, I need to republish the app to be the app owner and set the reload scheduler again. If i have more than 20 dashboards, i can't imagine how long is needed for such handover process.

From Qlik Sense, i found that there is INTERNAL\SA_SCHEDULER can be applied in section access to facilitate the refresh in QMC.(

Is there something similar in Qlik Cloud? Or what is the best practice for a dashboard ownership handover? 

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You can use Qlik Cli to change the app owner. 


qlik app owner <AppID> --ownerId <New OwnerId>

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HI @htchan  you do not need to republish an app to change ownership. This can be done by any tenant admin or user with analytics admin role 

see change-app-owner  

Contributor II
Contributor II

However, this only apply to apps in shared space. If already published to managed space, it's not allowed.