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Partner - Contributor

Qlik sense - SSL certificate installation


Need help in installing the SSL certificate installation on a Qlik sense server.


1. We have a domain <>. Qlik server  is installed on an AWS EC2 instance with hostname as "qlikserver". So, my server would be "".

2. The users will be able to access the hub using "". The name "qserv" is mapped to "qlikserver" (DNS mapping)

Here, my doubt is that if the CSR (Certificate signing request) is generated to "" and in turn the certificate is generated on this  name. Will the users be able to use the previous link without any issues (meaning, without any warning message while connecting to hub).

Please suggest if this is the correct way or am I missing anything here

Note: I am aware of the Warning message which we get while the SSL certificates are not installed.

Thanks in Advance

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Modern web browsers validate whether a SSL certificate is "valid" by using a number of factors, but for this purpose the primary one is the DNS Name elements(s) in the Subject Alternative Name attribute. Let's take this certificate which was presented on



This same certificate would be considered valid on and There are a ton of those for that certificate, but this points to the ultimate route you'll want to take. With the DNS Name attribute, if you want coverage for and then you'd want to have each of those listed as DNS Names in the CSR. Alternatively you may be able to request a wildcard certificate (* which will accomplish the same goal. Wildcard certificates can be frowned upon by many organizations, so inquire with the CA you're working with whether that request would be considered acceptable.

Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor


Thanks for the reply. I will try it and update on the same thread