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QlikSense Nodes reconfiguration

Hello Guys,


Currently I have multinode setup of 5 nodes for QlikSense. As our projects are increasing at rapid pace we wanted to reconfigure nodes to assign them specific roles to perform. I have gone through many articles and think below configuration will work best for us.

1 Central(will only work as manager)

2 Scheduler Nodes(Proxy service disabled)

2 Consumer/Proxy Nodes(Scheduler service disabled).

Will this automatically perform the load balancing of the apps or we need to do any additional steps for this like maybe modifying the load balancing rules?

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Hi @TusharDev_Qlik ,

You may need to configure the load balancing on the virtual proxy. Everything depend on how your environment is setup 

"When you install multiple engines and virtual proxies, you must add load balancing to the new nodes and virtual proxies. It is only on the central node that load balancing is automatically added. If you create a node without configuring the virtual proxy, the node will never actually be used. If you create a new virtual proxy, you must configure it by adding load balancing and selecting which nodes that the virtual proxy can forward work to"

Please refer to these video/article.