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Contributor III
Contributor III

QlikSense Server Installation - Authentication Problem

Hi Community, need some advice:


After successful installation, our Active Directory(AD) users are able to login to QlikSense hub on desktop via:


but were not able to login if the url is:



Where do i configure settings for this /form type of authentication?

I am asking because users are also accessing QlikSense via iPad and they were prompted to login via http://example.com:4248/form?targetId=11c2dc33bfff-4a9b-c3d7-455d255example.

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The form is tablet based auth that doesn't have a pop up.

You need to type in domain\userid and then the password and windows authentication will occur.  On the PC browser, it is assuming the current domain for the user logging in and that is why the domain is not required in the userid field.

To my knowledge, there is no configuration for the form.  It will only perform windows authentication.

Please keep in mind, Qlik Sense does not perform identity verification.  Out of the box, windows auth is used for identity verification on the default virtual proxy.  If you want to use an alternative identity verification system you will need to roll your own login page and use the ticketing or session APIs, or header injection or SAML to perform auth into Qlik Sense.

For more information, please review this webinar on Qlik Sense security integration:QlikSenseSecurityIntegration.mp4 - Google Drive

Contributor III
Contributor III

Thanks for the reply.

Yes,we did type in domain\userid on the tablet form, but couldn't be authenticate.

On desktop, we can login successfully with no issue.

So we are not sure where the config problem lies.


Hi Garry,

Hope this post find you in best health.

I am facing same issue. Can you tell me how you resolved this issue.

For me on local system login form open and i can log in. But when i try to access through other system using public IP (Assigned to server) Form doesn't open and it just give error.

Note: I can open app using Anonymous access.


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Hey Adnan,

Did you ever solve this?  I am having the exact same issue and Qlik Support could not help.




I also face this same problem.

Resolved by keeping the hostname and server name same (1st step while installation).

go to cmd, use command hostname , what ever you get that should be used as hostname while installation. 

also user will automatically be like hostname\user and mostly browser will not ask for authentication. 

even if asked , please provide and you should be good.

Key is : domain, hostname, server-hostname while installation should be same   (in my case I haven't set domain separately, I used computer name as hostname )


I hope this will help