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QlikSense app changes not visible after publishing to the stream by developer other than the app owner

Multiple developers working on single application in QlikSense Nov 2020.

All are having publish rights as per security rule but only App owner is able to publish the app with the changes.

When other developer(other than the app owner) trying to publish , we get successfully published notification but the app the changes are not visible .

currently they had to change the app owner each time before publishing.

Looking for an efficient solution for this issue.

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When publishing the app, the developer needs to make sure to publish the app to the right stream with the same app name. 

If this is multi nodes environment, this link can be helpful too.

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Any other solution for this? Developers are correctly publishing the apps.

Below is the workaround currently but not the efficient one.

1] Developers need to change the owner of published app to themselves.

2] Duplicate the app to their personal work stream.

3] make the script changes.

4] publish and replace the existing app.


Partner - Contributor
Partner - Contributor

Have there been any updates / solutions to this?   Our developers don't have 'publish' rights in production - they modify the app and associated app objects in a dev environment; export the app to a qvf, which an admin then imports into the use environment, and then published to the stream.   Yes, we are publishing to the correct stream with the same (original published) name.   As in @TusharDev_Qlik's post above, we have managed a work around:  We delete the updated objects in the published version, and then publish the updated app with the updated objects over the existing app.     And YES, we know how to publish to the correct stream, and replace the correct app with the new one.    

This workaround is too cumbersome for all but the most essential situations.    This error looks like a fundamental issue with the publish/replace process, which is supposed to overwrite the prior versions of objects when an new app is publish/replaced over an existing one.

Please let us know of any updates.


Thank you.