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Qliksense Governance Dashboard - QVD Generator button is throwing error message


I have been trying to implement Governance Dashboard latest version in Qlik Sense April 2019 version from here https://github.com/eapowertools/qs-governance-dashboard.

I don't see Web app UI properly rendering in IE browser from link. ( Attached the view page I see.)

I am really finding it hard to understand the sequence of actions needed in the Qlik Sense Governance Collector UI  to trigger the collect meta data. It seems by trying different ways it generated few XML files in Metadata folder, with suffix as libconnections, loadstatements and fields.xml. I see Runoptions.xml file.

I tried to run script of apps Governance QVD Generator for Qlik Sense.qvf and Governance Dashboard for Qlik Sense.qvf, but they are failing in absence of some files like as mentioned in script error message - Cannot open file: 'lib://qsgc-metadata/qrsUserList.xml' (Native Path: ***

I see this error in the log indicating that QVD generation is failing, not sure how to correct this - 

{"jsFile":"userAccessControl.js","level":"error","message":"CallQVDGeneration errored. Result=={}","timestamp":"2019-10-16T19:38:20.044Z"}
{"jsFile":"userAccessControl.js","level":"info","message":"queue 7653cdc7-4c11-48a4-be1c-38a82dee29aa finished.","timestamp":"2019-10-16T19:38:20.045Z"}

Any help on this will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance !




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I think to move one step ahead, I need to know why qrsUserList.xml is not generated for me. 

Please suggest if anyone has faced similar issue.




Anyone faced similar issue? Looks like not many of us are using governance dashboard with latest sense releases!




I set about loading the Governance Dashboard using QlikSense April 2020 version.

It throws various typically 'field not found' errors.

The dashboard looks a useful app, so if anyone has updated it, please do make it known.