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Reload task not working in QMC but does update in the data load editor

Hi Guys,

What could be the cause for this and how could this be fixed?

We have hourly reload tasks and just reloading those apps manually and one by one would not be a good workaround.

I would appreciate every single response in here.

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We need a little more information - how are they failing in QMC? any hints there?

Is it possible there is a permissions issue? The service account for QMC does not have sufficient permissions to read or write to certain folders?

Or- are you using Data connections with named drive letters (e.g. c:\) or mapped drive letters which are not the same or not accessible from the QDS machine where the QMC-driven reload happens?

Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

I am having the same issue. The Operations Monitor is not reloading from a Task, but does reload from the Data Load Editor.

When the task fails, it says 'No slave nodes found to execute Task'.

I have 5 other daily reload tasks scheduled and they all are successful every evening. The only one I am having an issue with is the Operations Monitor. Can you please help?


Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II

Hi there,

I also had the same issue after a fresh installation giving the error message "No slave nodes found to execute Task".  I did a log debug and got to the bottom of the issue.  Two ports are used in the QMS (Scheduled).  5050 and 5151. 

My presumed that the ports where in use by another application and therefore the issues...I did some tests and it seemed that both ports where not in use.

The culprit was Kaspersky Anti Virus monitoring port 5050.  Yes just monitoring and after I disabled the monitoring of the task all worked well.

After I got the issue, it was quite difficult to find the issues with the ports (in my case anyway), but I managed to get it working.

Hope this helps


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Partner - Creator

Dear Bethany, did you manage to solve this?

I have a master only and slave only multinode installation. All my tasks are reloading except the operations and license monitoring apps, saying that  'No slave nodes found to execute Task'.

I can reload them with the data load editor, though

I dont get it




If you made Central node as master, then you have to sync your monitoring apps to the node which is Slave. Now executing monitoring apps needs all the services working, so they could be reload on central node or failover node or that kind of node which has all the 5 services then your app will be executed by Tasks.

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Partner - Creator


I edited the rule ResourcesOnNonCentralNodes in Load balancing rules

from : ((node.iscentral="false" and!="a70ca8a5-1d59-4cc9-b5fa-6e207978dcaf"))

to : ((node.iscentral="false" ))

I edited the data connections monitor_apps_REST_* 's connection strings to replace

from : localhost

to: servername

And the reloads are working now!

Hope this will help someone

regards, Emma