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Contributor II
Contributor II

Resource relating to an app's data connections


Does anyone know if there is a resource I could use within a security rule that identifies the data connections an app uses? I want to only allow a user to create a reload task for an app if they are allowed to access the data connections used by the app.

We have a few custom properties used to manage developers' permissions. One of these grants access to data connections, and if the user tries to run a load script that uses a data connection not assigned to them it won’t execute. However there seems to be a loophole where they can reload the app from the QMC and it will run via INTERNAL\sa_scheduler and load the data they shouldn’t have access to. At the moment there is a security rule which allows a developer to create a reload task for an app in their work area. I want to limit this to only allow them to create a reload task if they have permission to access all the data connections used by the app to close this loophole, but I can't find a resource that would allow me to do this.

If anyone has another solution that would also be much appreciated!

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