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Contributor II
Contributor II

Restrict option of custom property in user

Hi everyone

I'm restructuring my QMC and need to create a new security rules.

Currently the access are managment from groups from Custom Property. When the value from Custom Property in Stream is the same of user, the access to stream is released.




I want that stream owner can update users, attributing value from custom property of stream that the user wants to acccess.

But now my challenge 😕

I need that this stream owner attributy in user, only values where he is the stream owner. Example: If i'm a stream owner A and the Custom Property of Stream is Comercial, i only can atribut in User the value Comercial, because i'm the owner where this stream have this value.

Today, all values are possible:  


The result tha i want is that each Stream owner will be responsible for the access to you Stream.

Can Someone help me?

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Contributor II
Contributor II

Hello , 
Same challenge for me , if you have a solution , 
you can send me ? 
thank you very match .


Hello , 

Looking for the same requirement. Please update, if you have a solution.