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Section access is not always working



We have an issue with production environment and section access. Whenever we upload an app from development environment to production, section access is working as intended. We have a task, for example, that reloads the app everyday, and it is working fine (consecutive reloads do not seem to fail in this matter).


However, when we make improvements to that app in development and want to upload it to production, it happens sometimes (it happened a few times this past year) that section access (that code is untouched, no changes made to it) does not work and security is not applied, so everyone can see all data, which is critical in our business.


It doesn't seem to be attached to any kind of changes made to the app, because we just upload again the exact same app, without change it, and section access works this time.  We don't find any obvious way to reproduce this issue, anyway.


Is this a bug or a wrong procedure uploading  app's to production? We just import the app in this environment.


Thanks in advance!

Borja Águeda.

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Which version of QS?



Upgrade to last QS version. If it's not help - open new case on support.qlik.com