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Service Dispatcher sending out thousands of Windows App Log messages

My installation appears to be working perfectly and the users are happy with the system. However, the Qlik Service Dispatcher is generating several messages per second into the Windows application log. They contain the message: Received SERVICE_CONTROL_INTERROGATION and uses Event 300. They are informational messages, but they are overwhelming the logging service.

I googled online and it says this message is often caused when a service is started from NET.exe (https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/320789). NET START sends out the interrogation message noted to see if the service started. The MS KB article says that error messages are caused by a failure to handle this interrogatory request. It suggests services started from the Service Control Panel App do not show this message, because it checks status a different way. However, I am starting the service from the Services App and still getting the message.

Obviously, if I stop the Dispatcher, the messages stop - but this is not a solution! Anyone have any ideas?


Dave (working with Kunbi)

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Hi Kumbi,

thanks for sending us those details and your question. We are currently investigating it and I will come back to you with more details as soon as possible.

Best regards,


Thomas Hopp
Senior Product Manager - Cloud Native Platform
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Over 25,000 events added to the log over the weekend! Just FYI...

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Hi Thomas, any progress on this issue - I am still having to clear thousands of messages every day. I have just downloaded Version 2.1, will upgrading to that version solve the issue?

Thanks for any update!



Have the same problem , apart from the fact that my installation is 2.1 and made in november .

Would be happy to see any suggetsions regarding this.

Specialist II
Specialist II

Any official word on getting this resolved?

We are seeing the same...though its only 2 a minute, still seems like something that should not be taking space in the event log.


‌hi David   No no officiall response but they (Qlik support) succesfully helped with another issue which, as it turned out , solved this problem as well! To make a long story shorter. I had mixed up the user accounts when  installing sense server. So that the owner of the dispatcher servise was not allowed to write.On disk. After changing  ownership of the service the log entries dissapeared. Luck or skill?  Who cares when it works!

rgds klas