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Shown selection does not match actual selection

Hi All

Not sure which board to post this one, but I came across a strange potential 'bug' and wondered if anyone else has seen it and, if so, if anyone knows how to avoid it or flag when it occurs to the end user.

The bug: When selecting three months in my year/month filter the data was filtered to only two months. The selection in the bar showed all three months as if they were selected and the data was filtered for those three months. Only because I know what the number should be did I know it was not filtering correctly. I removed the filter and tried to select again, this time making each click slower, and the number came out correct. I was able to replicate the bug (as in selection shows three months, data only shows two months) consistently when clicking fast. I tried again later in the day and was unable to replicate the bug. The only difference I can think off, between the time where I could replicate the bug and when I could not, is that our daily refresh tasks were running when the bug occurred.

As we are trying to increase our staff's trust in data this is not a great thing to have happen. If anyone have experience dealing with this bug and have ideas on how to either solve it or give warning when it happens, it will be greatly appreciated.


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I do not recall having seen this type of issues in the past.

However given that you could reproduce it during a certain timeframe when the Qlik Sense server was potentially loaded and couldn't anymore later on makes me think about resource related issue.

I would suggest to capture the resource consumption on your Qlik Sense Engine and monitor the issue. 

You could then check if the server was overloaded (CPU, Memory, Network) at the time the issue re-occurred. 

Note: You can use Performance Monitor to capture real time statistics around resource consumption or use the Qlik Sense Operation Monitor which capture by default an average of 5 minutes interval.


Bastien Laugiero
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