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Spoofing DOMAIN with Virtual Proxy

I'm new to LDAP/AD material, so I'm probably using all the wrong terminology. Unfortunately, even after spending hours looking into this topic, it is quite broad. To compound the issue, I have no access whatsoever to any configuration for our corporate domain.

To the best of my understanding, our domain looks like (forest) (I've heard people call these subdirectories, ldap groups, domains)


user shows up as EAST\ABCDE123, WEST\XYZ3243, etc...

The issue I am facing is the need to capture the user's DOMAIN for the purpose of Section Access. If the userid field must be DOMAIN\ID from the windows login, then I have to know these for each user.

When individuals request access to my dashboards, they do so through a portal. Their ID is captured in the process and stored in a SQL table. Unfortunately, we are unable to capture their DOMAIN automatically. We will probably have to rely on them filling it in, but a lot of people won't know their DOMAIN even from a pull-down list of 5 possible options.

Is there any way to continue to use Windows authentication for the automatic log-on into the Hub, but somehow spoof their DOMAIN to be the same? 

I thought the Virtal Proxy could be set up so that all users look like the same domain (i.e. SPOOF\ABCDE123, SPOOF\XYZ3243, ...)

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