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Specialist II
Specialist II

Telemetry Dashboard / Qix Logging - Thresholds, Qix Logging

I have a few questions on the Telemetry Dashboard and Qix performance logging... info or advise on how/where to troubleshoot?

  •  Qix performance log level = Warning (all engines, restarted engine service).
  • Engine\Settings.ini using sample thresholds in public articles (attached.  2gb/1gb ram, 60s/30s  dur)


1)  Threshold/flag doesn't appear to work for RAM Error.  It flags for Warnings, but these records below should be flagged as Error based on Peak RAM.




2)  I have an environment (multi-engine site) that's not logging any Qix performance records.  I also tried changing qix performance logging verbosity to Info and after some time i only logged 1 row as Info.  It's a production environment that's similar to a test environment, setup same way where test envrionment is logging many warning/errors, but production not logging anything.

  Troubleshooting steps?  i reviewed settings.ini file match, restarted engine service.  but the fact it only logged 1 info qix performance record, i think it's more on the logging and not threshold?


3)  Advise on how to handle an engine that serves as reload slave engine & user session engine?  Thresholds would ideally be set independently between doreload and opening app/get object layout.  I suppose i'd take false positives on reloads to capture user session flags.



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Hi @stevejoyce 

Is this happening only on 1 engine or all of the engines in the same environment?