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Ticketing - proxyRestUri


We are using ticketing system and a virtual proxy to authorize users into our mashups.  Now, we encountered an issue which stops the users to be able to load mashups first but, after refreshing the page the mashups loads and works fine.

The issue is surrounding the "proxyRestUri" on requests that originated from the request.js files.
The calls are being proxied through the parent website  instead of going straight to the Qlik server . Because it's going through the parent website, it's being caught as unauthenticated and thus returning the Login Intercept screen of the portal instead of the requested js file.
The request URL looks like this: https://ParentWebSite/Login/Intercept?proxyRestUri=https%3a%2f%2fQlik Website%3a4243%2fqps%2fVirtual Proxy%2f&targetId=XXXXa9da-ff11-4e89-95f4-9a607XXXXXX
Thanks in advanced for any comments.
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