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Trying to import an app and receive "The REST API call timed out between services."

I have successfully installed Qlik Sense with no errors. When I go into the QMC, I notice that no apps have been loaded (normally License Monitor and Operations Monitor are loaded by default). If I use the import button and navigate to C:\ProgramData\Qlik\Sense\Repository\DefaultApps and select License Monitor.qvf to import, I receive the following mesasge: The REST API call timed out between services. When I look in the Server1_service_respository.txt log file, I see the following error:

47 20180312T111121.423-0500 ERROR Server1 0b9b5bbe-f60a-4711-a3b8-7904a0fe196f Command=Import app;Result=500;ResultText=Error: 40aeab3b-2c90-4edf-ad21-ed34b408a22f 6a3685ed-df3e-4276-8018-0e888ea0b57f 0 CALERO randy.holder 9d92c908-d121-4c46-908a-8acdad05fe94 License Monitor Repository ManagementAccess /qrs/app/upload Import app 500 @The REST API call timed out between services. (HTTP code: 500) 0b9b5bbe-f60a-4711-a3b8-7904a0fe196f

Looking in Server1_service_engine.txt log file, I see the following error:

7 20180312T111513.426-0500 ERROR Server1 547d905c-135e-42e4-995a-9181ffb82431 20180312T111513.426-0500 Command=Import app;Result=9001;ResultText=Error: Read Failed 0 0 17 INTERNAL sa_repository 678e42b7-91bb-4522-acd0-b8542c73b283 Not available Engine Global::ImportAppEx Import app 9001 REST client response error 547d905c-135e-42e4-995a-9181ffb82431

I have been unable to determine what would cause this "Read Failed" error.

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Contributor III
Contributor III

Please, someone has the answer? I'm having the same problem

we are facing a similar issue in June 2019 Patch 5, and so far have not found the root cause or solution

Contributor III
Contributor III

Update to people stumbling on this thread: We've been seeing the same issue on our platforms. Our ambition was to allow a group of users to import an app to QMC without the user having the ContentAdmin role.

If we create a security rule with "App*" in Resource Filter the import will work for apps that do not contain an unknown data connection. If the import app contains an unknown data connection QMC will attempt to create it and it will throw the "The REST API call timed out between services" error. In our case we're not interested in that app being imported (with random locally created data connections all over the place). But if you're fine with the data connection being created then add "DataConnection*" to the resource filter in the security rule.

In our case security rule looks like this: