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Upgrade 2.0.1 to 2.2.4 failed.

Hi all.

I am upgrading my testing server from 2.0.1 to 2.2.4 but it is not successful.

here was the situation/scenario that happened:

- backup my server

- stop all services excent repository database

- while running SenseCleanupScript.cmd as administrator, it gave this error:

psql:C:/Users/visorservice/Desktop/SenseCleanupScript_v1.2/SenseCleanupScript/CleanupSenseDb_2.0.sql:127: ERROR:  update or delete on table "CompositeEvents" violates foreign key constraint "FK_CompositeEventTimeConstraints_CompositeEvents_ID" on table "CompositeEventTimeConstraints"

DETAIL:  Key (ID)=(b63b0d62-705c-4dec-9e90-c04fc399d7db) is still referenced from table "CompositeEventTimeConstraints".

- i had ignored this error and carry on with running the qlik_sense_setup for version 2.2.4

- after "successfully" installed, i had went to QMC but it did not load.

- checked the services and realise all but the repository database is running. the database had stopped by itself.

- right click and start services but it will force it self to stop.

- the local system was logged on.

any input on this?

Thanks in advance

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