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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Upgrading rim node with different log-in account as the one used for initial installation

When upgrading a rim node in a multi-node site I can't use the same log-in account that was used during the initial installation, because the acccount was removed from Active Directory. The online help says I must use the same log-in account, otherwise the central node will not find the certificates installed on the rim node and I need to perform a clean installation of the rim node.

Is this still the case in the current version of the Qlik Sense on Windows?


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Hi, If the user is removed from AD then you should also change the user on central node, for which you can go to services and change the login user with current available admin user and then use the same user on RIM node.

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi @kaushiknsolanki I understand what you are saying, but my question is not about the service account that is used to run the Windows services for Qlik Sense. My question is about the admin account that is used to log on to  the server and start the upgrade process. This is a different account than the service account.