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certificate redistribute issue

Hello everyone,

I'm struggling with a  strange issue. I've installed Qlik Sense along with Qlik Dashboard bundle on server 1(Central Node). On server 2, I installed qlik Sense rim node.

I already did the following steps:

1. Made sure that service account that I'm working with is part of Administrators group on both servers

2. On central node (server 1), added outbound rule for ports 4444

3. On Rim node server (server 2), added inbound rule for ports 4444

4. Activated license in Qmc

5. added rime node in node. 

6. host files are available in both the servers.

When I tried to redistribute


when I try this url in Rim Node got below message

I looked through several community posts, instruction documents, YouTube videos and couldn't find a solution.

is there any solution for this?


Sai Talluri


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The order of operations for me would be:

  • Confirm that the RIM is listening on 4444
    • On RIM: CMD (with Admin) > netstat -ano | findstr :4444
      • If bound, then continue. If not bound, then would need to investigate the RIM
  • Confirm that the Central can communicate over that port:
    • On Central: PowerShell: Test-NetConnection -ComputerName RIMServerHostName -Port 4444
      • If successful, then investigate. If not successful, something is blocking that communication

Ultimately for a RIM, you're going to need more than just 4444 open, so do review the ports page to ensure that everything is handled.