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errors with Azure App Proxy for Qlik sense on Azure VM (windows 2012r2)

Hi everyone,

I have issue with Azure App Proxy configuration.

I got the error issue with the redirect URL, for example:

I access from internet with link app proxy link:

"", but after passed the app proxy authentication , the URL will be redirected to other URL like: " with the error "can't reach the internal url..."..

Can everyone help me to solve this issue or can give me resolution? I think Azure app proxy not work with the redirect url with other ports.

Thank in advance!

Tinh Ha,

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We are having this exact same issue.

Did you find a resolution?

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

We too are having this exact same issue with Qlik Sense June 2017 Patch 1.

We are also using a Reverse Proxy (IIS) and are finding that after the user authenticates via our SAML server, the browser is being redirected to an internal URL.

This was not a problem when we were running 3.2.4.  Problems only started happening when we upgraded to June 2017 Patch 1.

If you found the root cause, I would appreciate hearing it.