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move apps to another stream Qlik Sense


I have an app1 that has been published in stream1, but now, the user wants  to move it to stream2. I know what i must do: duplicate the app and publish it in the other stream, but, the problem is that user created his own sheets and he wants his sheets just for himself in the same app in stream 2.

Change the status of this sheets to "approved" is not an option, either recreate the sheets in the new app.

What can I do?

Please, Can anyone help me with this problem?.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Paulina,

if both apps have the same data model, this is how your user can replicate personal sheets:

1) open app1

2) open the personal sheet you want to copy to app2 - edit mode

3) open app2 in another window/tab

4) create a new personal sheet in app2, open and edit

5) select a visualisation in the sheet in app1 - right click - select copy

6) go to your empty sheet in app2 - right click - select paste

You need to do this for each visualisation