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In my previous blog I talked about how Qlik contributed to Team Rubicon and all of their amazing work by analyzing the data and designing a beautiful mashup to share with the world.


Today, I want to get a little deeper and analyze the data for the latest hurricanes and their contribution. Last year we've started with Hurricane Harvey.


"Hurricane Harvey overwhelmed the Gulf Coast with tremendous wind and flood damage, leaving hundreds of thousands in need of immediate and long-term relief. Team Rubicon's initial response to Harvey saw the launch of floodwater rescue crews and thousands of members deployed for flood recovery operations."


Team Rubicon worked on 50 projects and helped 31 families, most of them in Houston. With the help of our Qlik GeoAnalytics®, we can view the impacted areas like below.

2018-10-26 17_33_51-Team Rubicon USA v3.png


Here are some more details


September 2017 Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. "The destruction that followed left hundreds of thousands without permanent shelter and access to food, medical care, and potable water."


Again, Team Rubicon helped over 1000 families and they have completed over 350 roofs!

2018-10-26 17_32_55-Team Rubicon USA v3.png



Then, not too long ago, Hurricane Florence hit the Carolinas.


"Hurricane Florence floods caused significant and extensive damage throughout the Carolinas. While Florence made landfall over North Carolina as a Category 1 hurricane, its slow speed and heavy rainfall led to record rainfall and flooding throughout the affected areas. Team Rubicon launched Operation Silver Sun in response to Florence, focusing initially on damage assessments and later debris removal and muckouts."


Team Rubicon had over 750 volunteers on scene and helped over 500 family members! What a remarkable work!

2018-10-26 17_39_07-Team Rubicon USA v3.png


The last one that we are still gathering data from, is hurricane Michael.


"Hurricane Michael was the strongest hurricane to hit the panhandle of Florida in decades, life threatening winds and storm surges, extensive structural damage, fallen trees, widespread debris, and prolonged power outages. Michael marks our fifth major hurricane response in just over one year since Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, Maria, and Florence."


2018-10-26 17_51_50-Team Rubicon USA v3.png


Even though we do not have the entire picture, so far over 120 families were assisted with the help of over 100 volunteers!


Truly remarkable work!!!! I am so proud to be part of such a project and work with such an amazing team!!!


The entire Open Initiative can be found here