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     Hey guys - thanks for taking some time to learn more about Qlik GeoAnalytics. Continuing my series that will make you more familiar with Qlik GeoAnalytics, I'm excited to show you how to use the Binning operation, available within the Qlik GeoAnalytics connector. Think of the Binning operation as a way to cluster or consolidate multiple location points into a defined boundary. When colored by a particular measure, such as count of the number of locations in that particular defined boundary, you can easily see where areas of concern or progress are; allowing you to immediately focus your attention on those areas.

What's Next?

     In the next part of this series, we will expand on this example and zoom into the boundary to see the underlying data points. Let me know what you think and please post your comments. If you have specific questions please post them here Qlik GeoAnalytics - our dedicated section in the forums. Myself and others will be available to further assist you.

Qlik GeoAnalytics - The Binning Operation


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