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Hi Guys! It's time for another Tuesday Edition of the Qlik Design Blog.

photo Qonnection 2.jpgToday I have the pleasure of introducing a special guest blogger, Fredrik Lautrup.  Fredrik is a long time Qlikkie, leading our product designers in our Product Design Group. Fredrik’s BI and analytics experience stems from working with many customers in areas of product design, security and licensing.  He has worked with numerous enterprises in different roles - from IT, security to strategic information systems and is responsible for design and workflow of our products. 


Today Fredrik is sharing a 2 part series that will introduce you to our new content management paradigm, available with the cloud editions of Qlik Sense, known as Spaces.  In this entry he will discuss what Spaces are, the types of Spaces  available and why they are important and should be used.  He also elaborates on additional attributes known as Favorites and Collections which adds a personal touch to your Qlik Sense app organization and navigation experience. Allowing you to access and manage content that is most important to you. 


Take a look at the PDF attachment (1 - Why the need for spaces, favourites and collections.pdf) to get started learning about Spaces.


Thank you Fredrik for your valuable contribution. 


For more information on spaces and our cloud editions of Qlik Sense check out this 2 part videos series plus bonus video on Spaces.


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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hey Mike, Fredrik - these new features are great and would solve a lot of our challenges around working together and general usability of the Hub. When will these features be available for Enterprise (Server/Windows)?


Hi there - thanks for your question - at this time - there aren't any plans that I am aware of to include this content management capability in the actual Windows version. BUT you may still have access to this type of feature. It depends on your Qlik licensing. If you are on perpetual license then you can ALSO have access to cloud-based editions installed on premise (Qlik Sense Enterprise on Kubernetes - QSEoK). If you are on subscription then have access to BOTH QSEoK and Qlik Sense Enterprise on Cloud Services - QSEoCS - please check with your Qlik rep for more information. 

Hope this helps

Kind Regards


Specialist III
Specialist III

Hi @Michael_Tarallo 


The new Qlik Cloud Business shared spaces options needs (a lot) more thought.


This has been discussed on other threads. View is fine but then edit gives too much control. And IsAdmin doesn't give enough. For example IsAdmin can't update an App or change the script. So it means I have to give full Owner access to some users. Something I would prefer not to do.


Hopefully Qlik will give this some more thought in collaboration with users. But overall QSB is a wonderful product but a few (minor) issues need addressing.


Edit. I have just tested the recent changes. IsAdmin users can now reload an App. And change script. (but edit users can't) This is a big step in the right direction.




@robert99  in Business we have shared spaces that is build around collaboration and have roles to support this (Can view, Can Edit).  In the Enterprise tier we have also managed spaces that is for the publishing of governed content.

Managed spaces has the roles of Can contribute, Can view, Can publish, Can manage which gives you more capability for content that needs a more controlled release process and self-service capabilities.

It would be interesting to understand your use cases to make sure our product can support them in a good way.

Specialist III
Specialist III



I like that QSB is fairly straight forward.


But what I would like is a small step forward on View. Say a Edit basic were users can set up their own sheets by using all the chart types and adjust as needed but only use master items for dimensions and measures to do so. That's it. No downloading of Apps or setting up their own measures etc

So it would be something like



Edit Full




Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist


I'd like to have in a next version of Sense, that magnifier glass we use to have in Qlik View. The magnifier glass icon was on the header of measure columns.

That feature was very good for analysis, allowing the user to filter by measure. For example, we could qlik on it, and type >= 3000, and that would filter invoices of 3000 $ or more.

We don't have that in Sense yet, but I hope it comes soon.




Hi @Fredrik_Lautrup & @Michael_Tarallo,

It is good that you make it easy and try to cater for most cases with the roles that you have created. However, the security framework that is built in Qlik Sense today is so competent. If we need to tweak a role or create a hybrid or whatever we need it is possible to create it for our needs, the granularity of the framework is so specific/precise that you can build exactly how you need it. If you(Qlik) start to decide the granularity it will create problems in the long run because many companies will have something in the original setup that does not fully cater to their organization.

I look forward in exploring and learning more about spaces in the coming months.